School Policies and Guidance

Please find our school policies available in PDF format below. The search facility at the bottom of the page can also be used to find specific policies.

Policy Name Uploaded Actions
Curriculum Policy 2020 New 01/07/2020 View
Responsible Use of Modern Media 2020 New 26/06/2020 View
Attendance & Punctuality 2020 New 24/06/2020 View
Safeguarding Addendum 12/06/2020 View
Year 7-10 Uniform Policy 01/06/2020 View
Year 11 Uniform Policy 01/06/2020 View
Safeguarding Appendix 1 03/04/2020 View
SEND Policy 2020 04/02/2020 View
Behaviour Policy 08/01/2020 View
Safeguarding and Child Protection 22/11/2019 View
Admissions Policy 2020 24/07/2019 View
Technology Acceptable Use Policy for Staff 26/03/2019 View
Surveillance and CCTV Policy 26/03/2019 View
Accessibility Plan 21/03/2019 View
Website Privacy Policy January 2019 27/02/2019 View
Privacy Notice Policy January 2019 27/02/2019 View
GDPR Data Protection 2019 27/02/2019 View
Freedom of Information Policy January 2019 27/02/2019 View
E-Safety Policy January 2019 27/02/2019 View
Equality Information and Objectives Policy 27/02/2019 View
Cookies Usage Policy January 2019 27/02/2019 View
Homework Guide 10/12/2018 View
Anti-Bullying Policy 10/12/2018 View
FutureU Student Privacy Policy (UCLAN) 07/12/2018 View
FutureU Parent Privacy Policy (UCLAN) 07/12/2018 View
Non Exam Assessment Policy 05/11/2018 View
Examinations Emergency Evacuation Policy 05/11/2018 View
Controlled Assesment Policy 05/11/2018 View
Malpractice Policy 05/11/2018 View
Examinations Contingency Plan 05/11/2018 View
Examinations Policy 05/11/2018 View
Appeals Against Internal Marking Decisions 05/11/2018 View
Access Arrangements Policy 05/11/2018 View
Feedback Guidelines 02/11/2018 View
Charging and Remissions Policy 21/08/2018 View
Assessment Guidelines 18/06/2018 View
Educational Off Site Visits Policy 13/12/2017 View
Complaints Policy and Procedure 14/11/2017 View
Cardinal Allen Appeals Against Internal Assessments Policy 21/07/2017 View
Sexting in Schools Info for Staff 12/07/2017 View
Able, Gifted and Talented Policy 15/06/2017 View
Trangender Policy Oct 2016 24/03/2017 View
Social Networking Poster 24/03/2017 View
Pupil Premium Policy 24/03/2017 View
Prayer and Liturgy 24/03/2017 View
No Smoking Policy 24/03/2017 View
Medicine Safety Policy 24/03/2017 View
ICT Acceptable Use Policy 24/03/2017 View
Human Relationship and Sex Education Policy (HRSE) 24/03/2017 View
Health and Safety Policy 24/03/2017 View
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 24/03/2017 View
Freedom of Information Policy 24/03/2017 View
Fairtrade Policy 24/03/2017 View
Estimates and Target Policy 24/03/2017 View
Educational Visits Policy Oct 2016 24/03/2017 View
Drug Education Policy 24/03/2017 View
Data Protection Policy 24/03/2017 View
Cyberbullying Policy 24/03/2017 View
Cyberbullying Leaflet 24/03/2017 View
Community Cohesion Policy Action Plan 24/03/2017 View
Bereavement 24/03/2017 View
Bad Weather Policy 24/03/2017 View
Administration of Medicines 24/03/2017 View


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