Parent Meetings

Research clearly shows that the most powerful single factor that influences pupil achievement is parental engagement. By working closely with parents we believe that each pupil can be given the best possible start in life.

Progress Evenings

Our Progress Evenings are not only an opportunity to find out about the progress your children are making at school but also a chance for you to find out how you can work alongside, challenge and support your children in their learning. Parents are also provided with the opportunity to comment on the work of the school at each Progress Evening by means of our parental questionnaire.

Schedule of Progress Evenings for 2017 – 18

Pupils are issued with invitations for parents for each Progress Evening and are asked to make appointments with their teachers. We expect all pupils to be represented at these evenings which all take place in the Sports Hall beginning at 3.45pm and ending at 6.15pm.

Year 7 - Thursday 25th January

Year 8 - Wednesday 7th February

Year 9 - Thursday 8th March

Year 10 - Wednesday 28th February

Year 11 - Thursday 11th January

Parental Questionnaire Summary

Information Evenings

In addition to an annual Progress Evening for every pupil, we provide an additional evening for some year groups as detailed below. The information shared at these evenings is put together to enable each child to fulfil his / her potential and so, again, we would expect every pupil to be represented. Meetings take place in the School Hall and begin at 6.00pm.

Schedule of Information Evenings for 2017 – 18

Year 7 - Wednesday 4th October – setting arrangements, homework and lots more

Year 9 - Wednesday 21st March – information regarding course preferences at GCSE / Btec

Year 10 - Wednesday 20th September – setting out expectations, support and assessment

Year 11 - Wednesday 27th September – revision, intervention and our Annual Careers Fair